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Suffering Honestly: A Sermon from Romans 8

The tragedies of life are the parts that remain the most perplexing. It is difficult to understand why a particularly traumatic season is allowed to endure. Sadly, some that have tried to explain these situations and reason away the pain and adversity have done more harm than good to those who are truly hurting. Thus, a fresh look at the apostle Paul’s discussion of suffering in Romans 8.

No Separation

Throughout all of Romans 8, we’re given an expansive view of the gospel. From beginning to end, from verse 1 to 39, it’s all of grace — incandescent grace that fuels our “No Condemnation” and inexhaustible grace, still, that fuels our “No Separation.”

Suffering with the Spirit

I encourage you to read Romans 8:17–27, as that’s the basis of what’s to follow. Also, if you’ve read some of my past devotionals, where I’ve desired to unpack the rich and glorious contents of Romans 8.

Spiritually Minded

Romans 8 is one passage of Scripture that seems inescapable for me, of late. Perhaps it’s the wonder and beauty of the apostle’s words that build and build, forming a wonderful crescendo that culminates in verses 35-39. But really, Romans 8 should be inescapable for all of us, seeing as it encompasses the whole of the Christian life.

No Condemnation

It’s true that all Scripture is “God-breathed.” Every line of the Bible is a manifestation of the mind of God, and is there to give us a glimpse of who he really is. Every word is “profitable” and infused with divine beauty. But sometimes the beauty transcends from the heavenly down to even the mere literary level.