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Inadequacy & the Pulpit

Growing up a pastor’s kid, you’re privy to a lot of dilemmas the general church-goer doesn’t see or understand. This isn’t meant to sound haughty, it’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to growing up in ministry.

Youth Group Culture: Fully Known

What is the greatest thing about the gospel? This may seem like an unanswerable question, or an undeserved distinction that’s little more than debate fodder for those who have nothing better to do with their time or academic sophistications than split theological hairs.

Requiem for Youth Playgroups

Upon moving to south Florida in the spring of 2013, I wasn’t really looking to get involved in pastoral ministry right away. This was a big shift for me. Moving from the Appalachian foothills in upstate South Carolina to the beaches of southern Florida is a pretty jarring change.

The Scriptures I Use When I Teach on Grace

What’s interesting to note about church history is that Jesus was never accused of being a legalist — he never faced the charge of preaching “too much law.” In fact, just the opposite is true: he was accused of preaching lawlessness or “too much grace.”