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The Saltiness of the Costliness of Grace

One of the more intriguing sayings of Jesus which is recorded in each of the Synoptic Gospels is his comparison of the disciples of God to the “salt of the earth.” Found in Matthew 5:13; Mark 9:49–50; and Luke 14:34–35, one can read a similarly repeated axiom of the Lord Jesus. Yet, when one considers the contextual surroundings in each instance, a different hue is cast upon this illustrious saying.

Grace Falls on the Grenade

On a summer day in 2008, Thomas and Romayne McGinnis were presented with the highest honor that can be received in any branch of the United States military, that is, the Medal of Honor. The McGinnis’ accepted the award on behalf of their deceased son, Private First Class Ross McGinnis.

Jesus Is Always Worth It

In November of 1887, a boy by the name of William Whiting Borden was born. He’s undoubtedly unknown to you, and that’s probably how he would’ve wanted it. Nevertheless, in his day, Borden was a noteworthy descendant of a significant family.

Is It Worth It?

William Borden was a man of great affluence, having been born into the home of William and Mary Borden, a family of great significance in the city of Chicago and the owners of a prosperous silver mine in Colorado. Upon graduating from high school at age 16, William was gifted a trip around the world from his parents.

The Sacrifice of Life

The relationship between the Christ-follower and God is all about pursuit — pursuing a deeper and more intimate knowledge of the Creator with every breath we’re allowed to take. This pursuit of God is a relentless “following hard after” him.