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Grace Has No Expiration Date

I like you probably, have an uncontrollable aversion to any food product that is past its expiration date. Even if it’s only by a few hours. I don’t care what food or drink you give me, if it’s anywhere close to being over that “best by” date, to me it’s an offering straight from the devil’s kitchen that’ll surely torment my bowels.

Law-Abiding Citizens

Among the things that perturb me about modern Christianity is our residual clinging to a sort of “Christian-karma.” You’ve probably read this frustration from me before, but with some recent events in my own life, I feel as though Christians still just don’t get it.

The Sense of Sainthood

I would contend that there’s a general fallacy with our common understanding of the idea of someone being a “saint.” Much of this is due to the Roman Catholic Church’s ill-conceived idea that sainthood is something that man himself does and accomplishes. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

Sin & the Self-Justification Architects

It’s pretty clear there’s a problem. Every day, every hour we’re given palpable evidence of mankind’s rampant sin and wickedness. There’s definitely something wrong with the world around us. All over the globe we see widespread death, starvation, and disease.

A Watched Pot Never Boils

I like how one Dutch Reformed theologian put it: “The good seed cannot flourish when it is repeatedly dug up for the purpose of examining its growth.” Or, as the saying goes, “A watched pot never boils.”

A Cavernous Gospel

So much of what we know and think about the Christian life is, frankly, wrong. We’ve grown up too ingratiated and too inundated by the performance-driven society in which we live, that it’s hard — nigh impossible — for us to escape its mighty grip.

What Is Sin?

As one of the most commonly misunderstood doctrines, sanctification, in its truest form, is the process of learning and re-learning the gospel continually in your heart and mind. Sanctification is the art of becoming like Christ is remembering, and repeating that remembrance for a lifetime.

What Is Sanctification?

At its core, sanctification is the “pursuit of God” — it’s choosing and reflecting and remembering all that we’ve been given in the gospel of Christ to help us combat the temptations of the world; it’s “seeking those things which are above.”