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Preston Sprinkle’s Charis

There’s a lot of chatter out there about “grace.” Lots of people are talking about it and even more are debating over it and parsing it out. But Steve Brown’s adage holds firm and true that grace *is not* a doctrine to be expounded, but a hug to experienced.

Dangerous Grace: A Sermon from Matthew 20

There are some stories in the Bible that are so perplexing that it makes you wonder why they were ever uttered by our Lord in the first place. I think there’s no better example of this than the parable of “The Workers in the Vineyard” from Matthew 20. The tale at first feels incredibly unbiblical and opposite of Jesus’s penchant for justice. But, another glance at this story reveals it to be another grandiose expose of grace.

Dangerous Grace

When it comes down to it, there’s no such thing as a “balanced” version of grace. The moment you try to temper grace you render it impotent — trying to cage grace is to make it powerless and ineffectual. The reality of God’s grace for us is that it’s not only unconditional, it’s illimitable and uncontrollable.