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The Religio-Political Tenor of the Acts of the Apostles

The undercurrent of the Acts of the Apostles is an uneasy one, to say the least. After the murder of their revolutionary leader, it was thought that Jesus’s disciples would disperse and his teachings dissipate. But, in fact, the exact opposite occurred. Jesus’s message of forgiveness spread like wildfire throughout the known world. The world was subsequently “turned upside down” by the apostles’ doctrine.

#41: On Life’s Expectations & God’s Goodness

In this episode of the Ministry Minded Podcast, I share some thoughts about God’s grace even in the midst of life’s most terrifying seasons and how God’s goodness is always greater than we remember it — his goodness exceeds our expectations. When we look back over the course of our lives, we will only have witnessed a fraction of how infinitely good God is to us.

The Message That Moors Us to the Messiah: A Sermon from Matthew 10

Mooring refers to something permanent or fixed to which a ship is secured. It’s what keeps a vessel protected from the perilous waves that could otherwise leave it adrift. The mooring is absolutely essential to the life of any seafaring vessel. Similarly, unless we are moored and fastened to something (Someone) permanent, we, too, will be tossed about, to and fro, in this life.

God Loves Dark Comedies

Comedy is, perhaps, the most subjective of the arts. Humorous entertainment strikes some in the funny bone and whizzes over the heads of others, leaving a large no-man’s-land where factions manifest as devotees to some comedic form or another champion the cause of their realm of humor as being the purest or most “hashtag lit.”

Of Mud & Marigolds

The lessons drawn from Ecclesiastes are some of the most pivotal in the entire Bible. I say that because it’s a book that speaks to us where we are: in the rubble of “once-Eden.” The Teacher doesn’t make excuses for the life we live “under the sun.”

Hospital Theology

The extent of God’s sovereignty seems like an inescapable topic in the church today. It’s also possibly the most flammable theological discussion in the church today — if one can indeed call it a “discussion.”

A Rock Song for You & Me: A Sermon from Psalm 18

Psalm 18 is one of David’s most recognized psalms. It is a highly regarded piece of poetry, not only for its biblical weight but for its lyrical beauty. Yet, the true weight and glory of Psalm 18 is unfolded once you are taken captive by that which captivated the psalmist himself. Namely, the all-surpassing, never-stopping deliverance of his God.

The Worst, & Best, Pregame Speech Ever Delivered

We all know that moment’s coming — that moment in the melodramatic sports drama where the overmatched coach gives his overwhelmed players a much needed shot in the arm and morale booster with a rousing, motivational speech. It’s euphoric, the players are ecstatic, and it seems as though victory is all but guaranteed.

Suffering Honestly: A Sermon from Romans 8

The tragedies of life are the parts that remain the most perplexing. It is difficult to understand why a particularly traumatic season is allowed to endure. Sadly, some that have tried to explain these situations and reason away the pain and adversity have done more harm than good to those who are truly hurting. Thus, a fresh look at the apostle Paul’s discussion of suffering in Romans 8.