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Standing Together: A Sermon from Philippians 4

St. Paul loved the Philippian Church. He affectionately calls them his “joy and crown” in the opening verses of chapter 4 and refers to them as his “dearly beloved” twice in the first verse alone. (Phil. 4:1) Paul was desirous and determined that this church would not succumb to the trivial disputes and divisions which might have so easily plagued it had they lost their way, their focus. Such is why the apostle spends nearly the entire letter emphasizing unity, “like-mindedness,” and having the “same mind.” And so it is that we are made to recognize the primary ingredient of the church: unity in Christ.

Keys to Gospel Togetherness

What makes a church a church? Well, before we endeavor to answer that question, I’d like to pose another, because I think the answer is the same for both. What makes a team a team? Does talent alone define a team? Is it the skill of the individual players? I’d say no.

Keys to Gospel Togetherness: A Sermon from Philippians 4

The key ingredient that makes a church is the same ingredient that makes a team. Talk about skill and talent and giftedness all you want, but at the end of the day, a team’s success, and a church’s, depends on its unity. A unified people standing together in and for the gospel is the chief way the lost are introduced to the things of the gospel.