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Paul Tripp’s Awe

Perhaps the most overused word in all the English language is the word “awesome.” We call people, places, and moments awesome without any real regard for the true meaning of the term. In fact, the word is so colloquial that it’s almost a slang word now.

Unworthy Worshipers

The concept of worship in the modern church has been greatly diluted and weakened from its original intent. When I say “worship,” you no doubt immediately thought of a “worship band” or “Praise & Worship” music or a “worship leader.”

Anatomy of a Song

You know, when we say that “God is sovereign,” that simple phrase has huge ramifications. Not only is he sovereign over the universe and the whole creation, but he’s also sovereign and intimately aware of all the little things that spring up in our lives.

To Infinity & Beyond

One of the questions every kid gets tired of being asked is, “So what are you going to be when you grow up?” Every young child certainly has dreams and fancies of where life would take them, but the constant inquiring of this subject can grow quite wearisome.

Confessions in a Symphony of Grace

When I see myself as I am, I’ll grasp a clearer vision of grace. When I’m honestly able to say, like the prophet Isaiah, that I’m lost, undone, and a “man of unclean lips,” it’s then that the glory of the gospel shines ever brighter.