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Green Jackets vs. White Robes: A Sermon from Zechariah 3

Zechariah 3 commences the fourth vision of the Lord to the prophet Zechariah. The first, second, and third visions having told of the future spiritual restoration of the nation of Israel, give way to the fourth vision, as if to answer the prophet’s inquiry, “How?” How will God accomplish this restoration? How will a righteous God clear the names of the guilty?

Green Jackets & White Robes: A Sermon from Zechariah 3

God’s justification of sinners has rightly been deemed the fulcrum of the ministry of the church. Or, the doctrine upon which the church stands or falls. That being incontrovertibly true, a right understanding of what justification is and how a holy God goes about justifying the unrighteous will shed brilliant light on just how important this doctrine is — and there is, perhaps, no better scene in which to do that than that of Zechariah 3.

New Clothes

You’re filthy. You’re grimy and grungy, so soiled and stained with sin that it’s hopeless and impossible for you to try and get clean. For you to wash yourself is a categorical impossibility. Under the divine gaze of the eternal Godhead, you stand guilty, and, under the righteous condemnation of his law, you’re culpable of every offense.