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Thomas Adam’s Private Thoughts on Religion

What’s interesting to note about centuries-old preachers and theologians is their absolute devotion to Christ. And while many of the writings of the Puritan “divines” are received with angst and hesitation nowadays, the vast majority of them intended solely to bring attention to the Lord Jesus.

C. H. Spurgeon’s Seven Wonders of Grace

Perhaps the most revered Christian speaker and writer of all time is the renowned Charles Haddon Spurgeon. His profound ability to convey truth and grace through the spoken word coupled with his perceptive insight into men’s hearts through the written word are what make his ministry continue to thrive.

Preston Sprinkle’s Charis

There’s a lot of chatter out there about “grace.” Lots of people are talking about it and even more are debating over it and parsing it out. But Steve Brown’s adage holds firm and true that grace *is not* a doctrine to be expounded, but a hug to experienced.