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Sola Fide & the Quest for the Historical Jesus

The “quest for the historical Jesus” finds its beginnings as “an internal Jewish controversy.” (DJG, 719) Early divisions over Jesus’s credibility arose out of the derogation hurled at him by the religious aristocrats that he was “possessed by Beelzebul.” (Mark 3:22–27)

Son of David & Lord of All

The closing vignette in Matthew 22 contains one of the more interesting Old Testament quotations spoken by Christ himself. (Matt. 22:41–46; cf. Mark 12:35–37; Luke 20:41–44) The Pharisees and Christ’s disciples are there together as Jesus inquires of them, “What do you think about the Messiah?”

How the 24-Hour News Cycle Is Killing Us

Quickness is the god of the moment. One need only scan the trending stories to understand that the world’s citizens are bowing in front of the altar of what is newer and faster. The advent of social media and rapid influx of information available has only exacerbated this reality.