Consider Jesus: Thoughts for Daily Duty, Sacrifice, and Suffering

Octavius Winslow

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Editor’s Preface

The ensuing words represent a meticulous reproduction of the 1870 edition of Dr. Ocatvius Winslow’s incredible work, Consider Jesus, in which the Christian is given daily words with which to reflect on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for comfort and devotion in the midst of life’s griefs and sorrows and struggles.

I have no doubt that this work remains widely unread; such is the motivation behind this present edition of these words. I have found a surplus of truth and hope and consolation in Winslow’s tireless effort to preserve the preeminence of Christ in all seasons of life. Such is why I consider this work to be of momentous benefit to the Christian, regardless of age or experience.

No words have been added or omitted from the original edition. However, the numerous Scripture references have been corrected and affixed to the end of sentences for the benefit of the reader. Minor punctuation and spelling updates have been made.

I pray, now, that you would find remarkable solace in these daily looks at the Savior.

Brad J. Gray, editor