The Grace of the Gospel and How Popery Mars It

Hugh Stowell

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Editor’s Preface

What follows is, perhaps, one of the most obscure works the editor has had the opportunity to study, but, nonetheless, one of the more rousing ones as well. The Grace of the Gospel is a short work adapted from the sermon notes of a lectured delivered by Rev. Hugh Stowell in June of 1851. The notes were written in shorthand by Mr. J. Ford, a reporter for the Preston Guardian at the time.

Throughout the course of the lecture, Rev. Stowell seeks to draw attention to the vast distinction between the gospel of God and the perversion of it by the Roman Catholic Church, specifically in the office of the pope.

No words have been added or omitted from the original edition. However, the numerous Scripture references have now been affixed to the end of sentences for the benefit of the reader. Furthermore, diligence has been given to the revising of the endnotes, which now display proper citations. Those notes marked “Editor” reflect external references which have been investigated, examined, and detailed for the reader’s advantage and convenience. Also, minor punctuation and spelling updates have been made.

May you be blessed and directed to faith the “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.”

Brad J. Gray, editor



The Grace of the Gospel and How Popery Mars It
Written by Hugh Stowell
Edited by Brad J. Gray

First published 1851
First Grace Upon Grace edition 2019
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