#40: On Scotland & 20 Schemes with Gerald White

Scotland is a land with rich Christian history. But like many other European nations, it’s modern religious conditions are frigid, to say the least. Scotland, once a “land of the book,” has all but lost its way, having no faith upon which to fall. Now, half of Scotland is made up of “schemes” (or “projects,” for us Americans), communities with deep historical roots that have been afflicted by complex social problems. Little to no gospel preaching churches exist within the schemes. Therefore, it is to these communities and this context that Gerald White and his family feel called to spend their lives for the sake of the gospel. In partnership with 20schemes, Gerald endeavors to plant a church and win souls for Jesus Christ.

Listen along to this episode of Ministry Minded, as Gerald White returns to the podcast to talk about contextualizing and appropriating the gospel in the difficult ministry endeavors in Scotland’s “schemes.”

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Gerald is a church planter 20schemes in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he lives and serves with his wife Morna and their three children. Gerald is a gifted preacher and resolute studier of the Word. He blogs for The Majesty’s Men at The Gospel Plant, where you can find his latest sermons and devotional thoughts as he seeks to lead others to know Jesus and the radical gospel of grace for mess-ups. Be sure to follow him on Twitter, @geraldwhite_.


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Intro music: “West Coast” by Ryan Little, licensed under CC BY 4.0.