Greetings & Salutations: Introduction to the Ministry Minded Podcast

The Ministry Minded Podcast is a show full of interviews, stories, and reflections on God’s amazing grace in an often messy and chaotic life in ministry. Through this medium, I hope to delve into the intricacies of everyday ministry. Not the flashy parts that attract people but the messy parts that may, perhaps, scare people. Growing up a pastor’s kid, you see and hear and learn things about the ministry that many others don’t get the privilege of seeing and hearing and learning.

Ministry is a lot messier than people think or like to admit. It’s not always clean and tidy and nice. Oftentimes it’s a bit dirty and grungy. It is, after all, broken people helping other broken people cope with their brokenness and guiding them to see the Lover of the broken.

With this in mind, Ministry Minded is here to have frank discussions about the ministry for those already in it, those thinking about it, or even for those that haven’t thought about it yet. My hope and prayer is that this will give you an honest look at God’s matchless grace which meets us even in our messy ministries.


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