William Romaine

Preface to the 1819 Edition

The Editor (1819) of this work hopes he is acting for the glory of Jehovah, Father, Son, and Spirit, in presenting these remarks to the notice of the church of the living God. He has felt their sweetness, and is desirous that others may feed on what has strengthened him. Few men have said so much in a little as Mr. Romaine; and the Editor hath gathered “up the fragments that nothing might be lost.” Art thou sensible, reader, that thou are a Law-breaker? This work informs thee of “Jesus the Law-fullfiller.” Art thou unholy and mournest over it? This work points to a righteous Christ — a holy Christ. Whatever the believer needs for acceptance, it is in the Beloved, and the glory of it is, it is free — free for needy, perishing sinners.

Thou art here pointed to a banquet that the Father hath provided — here are the choicest viands — soul-satisfying food — but it is not distinct from Christ, it is all in Christ. “His flesh is meat indeed, his blood is drink indeed.” The Holy Spirit gives the appetite, and brings the food — whilst he sweetly whispers to the guest, “Eat, O friends, drink, yea drink abundantly, O beloved.” The more the believer is enabled to feed on this food, the more hateful will sin appear; the more will he long for that hour when he shall be freed from it — when he shall see Jesus, and be like him. Oh, what a heaven will heaven be — likeness to the Lamb — and a vision of him forever.

William Milford
Calne, April 1819

Preface to the 1846 Edition

The salvation which the gospel makes known to us, puts us in the position of mere receivers. It refuses to deal with us on any other footing but this. As doers or deservers, it will give us nothing. As mere receivers, it bestows everything. Unbelief is just our refusing to be receivers of the blessing; and faith is just consenting to be so. How simple and yet how precious the salvation of Christ! It finds us empty, and it offers to fill us! If we will but consent to be filled!

This fullness of blessing is in Christ. And it is free to us as sinners, for it is treasured up there for sinners. And it is out of that fullness that we receive grace for grace.

In this little work, the reader will find Christ’s fullness spread out before him. He will learn that while in ourselves we have nothing, in Him there is abundance. I need not recommend Mr. Romaine, or his works. They are too well known to require this. May this treatise circulate still wider, and be yet more abundantly blessed.

Horatius Bonar
Kelso, March 1846

A Full Christ for Empty Sinners

When we trust in frames and feelings, as soon as they are gone, the soul is discouraged and dejected; but when we trust in God’s promises, which are always the same, then it is we are right; and a sense of God’s unchangeable love towards us, proceeding from such trust, fires our souls with a continual love towards him.

Good works are the effect, not the cause of God’s love.

By “breath,” throughout the Scriptures, is meant the Holy Spirit; and by “light,” is meant Christ.

The Holy Spirit does not reveal God to us, as he is in himself, but as he stands related to us.

Christ is our law-fulfilling Righteousness, and sin-atoning Saviour.

We should keep looking to Christ, till the burden falls off our back.

God manifests most of his love to us, when we are in the lowest abasement.

God keeps us in our right place; even in an humble, constant dependence on Christ Jesus.

There is life in Christ Jesus to quicken you, in your most dead and uncomfortable frame.

Christ sows the seed, rains on it, and shines on it; he is always going on with his work, and though the man is in a dead, dull, and uncomfortable frame, yet Christ is still continuing his work in the soul.

Our hope stands upon God’s love in his Son.

As a good soldier of Christ Jesus, I desire to fight the Lord’s battles to his praise and my comfort.

All the blessings of redemption, are the free gift of free grace.

There are often notions that swim in the head, that never sink into the heart.

Whatever Jesus undertook, he has fulfilled.

Concerning his state by nature, the believer confesses, “I find as much evil within me as I could hold, and when opportunity came, it drew it out into action.”

That the thoughts of a natural man are only evil, see Genesis 6:5. That his words are such, see James 3:6, 8. That his works are such, see Psalm 14:3. And that his thoughts, words, and works are such, see Romans 3:9ff.

The man whose eyes are enlightened, and to whom it is given to see the depravity of human nature, confesses, “The more I converse with mankind, the more I perceive the Scriptures to be true, and that man is not a bit better than the word of God represents him to be.”

The principal thing in Christianity is to receive Christ.

Christ sits at the right hand of God, to manage all our concerns for us.

It is the taste of this heavenly manna that makes us more dead daily to the things below.

Lord Jesus, as thou hast got death, and him that hath the power of death, under thy feet, even so, Lord, put them under ours!

“The Holy Spirit,” that is, the holy-making Spirit — the sanctifying Spirit.

You dishonour the obedience of Christ, his sufferings and glorious victory over sin and death in his resurrection, when you are in bondage to the fear of death.

Oh, how he (the believer) loves to cherish the heavenly spark (of grace)!

We should live upon Christ as the life-giving root of all sanctification.

God by various means purges us from the love of sin, that we may bring forth more fruit.

The more spiritual a man is, I insist upon it, the more dependence will he have on Christ.

Perhaps you are ready to say, “I am afraid I am not a child of God because I am so dull and lifeless, my prayers are so cold and dead, and I am so heavy and careless under ordinances” — this is the method God takes to make you discontented with yourself, your duties and performances, and to make you look at Christ as your all.

When the children of Israel were bit by the fiery serpents, they did not look to the tabernacle and the holy things in it, nor even into the holy of holies, where stood the cherubim, and where shone the glory of God; for if they had they would have died; but they looked simply at what God had commanded they should — at the brazen serpent; just so must we who are bit by the old serpent — the devil, look simply to Christ.

Although we shall bless and praise God through eternity, we shall only thereby acknowledge the debt we owe, but not pay an atom of it.

As Christ rises in your soul, the world, the flesh, and the devil must consequently fall.

Come to the blood of Jesus to have sin pardoned, and then come to the arm of Jesus to have it subdued.

The old man will never die whilst we live.

It is all folly that does not lead us to Christ, and it is all true wisdom that does.

Do not be afraid to part with any thing for Christ; it is unbelief that persuades you there is more pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness in any thing than in him.

The enjoyment of Christ is really paradise.

It is the believer’s complaint and prayer, “O God, my heart is too narrow: enlarge it, that it may hold more of the love of the holy Jesus.”

Old Christians are much in praise.

As you received Christ at first as your prophet, priest, and king, so walk in him all the way to heaven.

The Lord is forced to blast our fruit sometimes, lest we should look at it, and fall in love with it.

Jesus is a Treasury without locks or bars, and stands open all night and day; he has gifts on purpose to bestow, they are not meant to lie and rust.

When God sends an adverse dispensation to the believer, it is with this message, “Go, draw that sinner from the love of the world; go, take away that comfort, he is going to make an idol of it.”

The best way to get your graces strengthened, is to exercise them (on Christ).

If our faith be alive and growing, it will certainly bring forth growing thanksgiving.

There is matter of thanks to be drawn from all God’s dealings with his children.

What makes a Christian praise God more today than he did yesterday? Not merely because he has received more blessings from him, but because he sees he is more unworthy of them.

Keep a watchful eye over yourselves, that you do not rob God of his glory.

Praise arises from a sense of God’s goodness to the unworthy.

We are by nature wedded to the law, and it requires a force not less than almighty to wean us from it.

We do not obey because God should love us, but because he has loved us — our obedience is all gratitude.

The Christian temper is an absolute dependence on grace every moment.

If one delusion will not do, the devil always has another ready.

There are none truly humble, but those who have a sense of God’s mercy in Christ Jesus.

All the communion between God and man, is the humble heart.

The Christian’s clothing is humility.

We should not look at what we ate; but should (by faith) look at what Christ is.

We ought continually to be looking whether our faith be love.

A little with God’s blessing, is better than thousands with his curse.

If you love God, you will love those whom God has set over you; namely, civil, natural, and religious parents.

One may know what is in the heart by what comes out of it.

There is heart-theft, there is stealing with your eyes.

What is opposite to Christ Jesus in us, we should put him upon crucifying daily; and what is agreeable to him, we should pray that it may work more and more by love.

If the whole law were to be summed up in one word, it would be Love — love to God; and love to man, for God’s sake.

Here is the exercise of Christ’s grace: “I will pardon their sins through my blood, I will conquer them through my power.”

Believing will always bring joy and peace.

Wherever there is really the work of God, there the devil is always working hardest.

There is not a soul here to-night, but if God were to let them see the holiness of the law, it would either drive them to despair, or else to Christ.

The more we depend upon Christ, the more humble shall we be.

When God brings paradise restored into a man’s heart, he brings him into the deep valley of humiliation.

The Lord the Spirit is to make us humble, and keep us humble: it is his proper work.

Every believer is a pensioner on grace.

Oh, let us not look so much at second causes! That is the reason we are so often puzzled.

Let what will come, they who are in Christ, will be safe; let the fire, let the deluge come, you are safe in the Rock.

It is an old saying of the Reformers, which, though it is very plain, has a great deal of divinity in it: “God’s biddings are enablings.”

We have high thoughts of self, therefore low thoughts of Christ.

The word of God humbles the sinner, and comforts the humbled soul.

They who are living comfortably and happy on Christ, feel the want of him every day; and if they have more grace, they feel the want of him more.

The more you trust in Christ, the more you will experience the sweetness of a happy, growing communion with him.

In proportion as we know ourselves, we love Christ.

Oh, for faith to walk more humbly, and for strength to walk more steadfastly.

Whatever Christ can do, he will do for his poor people.

It is better to live an hour by faith, than to live the life of an emperor a thousand years.

“Surely,” says the believer, “never sinner wanted Christ more, never sinner deserved him less than I.”

If Christ is precious to you, you have saving faith, for he is precious to those who believe.

If there is a man who disbelieves that Christ is equal to God the Father and the Spirit, God will not save that man.

Whatever you are doing, you will be doing wrong, if you are not looking to Christ in what you are about.

If we would take Christ into all, and make use of Christ in all, troubles and joys would both tend to set us forward in our way heavenward.

There is not a trouble a Christian has, but if he lives by faith on Christ in it, it will turn into a blessing.

You cannot be in any circumstance in life, but it is a trial for your faith.

Perhaps you have crosses at home, and domestic jars, but the Lord Jesus Christ will make them all blessings; and those who live most by faith on him, know most of the truth of what 1 have been saying.

Indeed, sirs, you do not know what Christ can do in a family, if ye would live on him, and commit all your concerns to him.

If you were to perceive a trouble coming towards you, and were to think it the most formidable you could possibly suffer, did Christ meet you in it, you would wish to have it over again, if Christ would meet you in it again.

Christ Jesus is the comfort of Comforts, because he doubles comforts.

When you do not consult Christ, you will blunder; when you do not lean on his arm, you will fall; and when you do not drink of his comforts, you drink poison.

As you receive or reject the covenant, so will God deal with you for ever.

The covenant is not a covenant of the three with you and me, but with themselves.

There is nothing by chance, there is no perhaps in the will of God.

“God is love,” and that love is his people’s in Jesus.

You are not to be saved by your acts of faith, but by your object of faith.

The whole volume of nature is as much in the covenant, as the whole volume of grace.

Strong faith may bring strong comfort, but it will never save you.

As sure as the sorrows of the righteous shall be turned into joy, so shall the joys of the wicked be turned to sorrow.

Nothing is so sweet to the spiritual palate, when it is in taste, as the word of God.

It is poor hearing, and poor reading, unless you mix faith and prayer with what you hear and what you read.

God is no more niggardly in giving than he is in promising.

You must either receive Christ as held forth here (in the Scriptures), or perish — there is no medium.

Look to Christ more than to the minister; look to him more than to the sermon.

If we receive a mercy, and are given to see ourselves unworthy of it, we receive two mercies in one; for a sense of our unworthiness is one of the greatest mercies that God can bestow.

A moral action, when done with a Christian spirit, is changed into a heavenly grace.

If the devil has but a single temptation, it is to keep you from Christ.

Christ has more love for his people than heart can conceive, and more blessings than hands can receive.

It is for want of looking to Jesus more under afflictions, that we want patience and resignation.

A sinner never gives more glory to God than when he trusts all to Christ.

The whole love of the Deity centers in Christ Jesus.

Plead Christ’s, work, and you will certainly win the day.

Do not hearken to what your heart says about Christ, much less to what unbelief, and the deceiver of the brethren, say; but look at what the Father says of him.

There is comfort in Christ, for whatever you are mourning.

There is nothing that man looking to Christ need fear.

Carry your good things to Christ, he will keep them; carry your bad things, he will cure them; whatever your frame is, let nothing separate you from your Beloved.

Oh, may the Lord Jesus hear much and often from you.

There is no true peace without Christ.

The way to preserve the sweet scent of our graces is to clothe them with humility.

They who know him, find that they never knew happiness until they possessed him.

Our sins were not put into Christ, but laid upon him; and Christ’s righteousness is not put into us, but wrought out by Christ for us.

Whatever you mourn over. Oh, mourn over that hard heart of unbelief! Carry it to the blood of sprinkling; nothing but faith in Christ can soften it.

There is no man has a thankful heart but he has a joyful heart; thankfulness and joy always go together.

Says the believer, “My Jesus shall be my joy through life, my cordial in the hour of death, and my song through all eternity.”

Look at what the Father says of Jesus, that is the best way to hush your conscience and to make and maintain peace within.

You may seek joy where you will; but if you seek it out of Christ, you seek life in death.

Indeed, sirs, the happiest people under the sun, are they whose faith is the strongest; their joy is the highest.

A man who is in Christ can stand and smile at all the world’s evils.

When God affords his presence with his rod, the man cries, “Strike on!”

If you are really in Christ, you are living below your privilege if you do not see the fullness of joy to be yours; you are not living on it accordingly.

When the heart is full of joy, it will show itself outwardly; and when you are happy with Christ in your heart, you will show it by praises from your tongue.

The more fellowship with Christ, the more dead to sin.

We have only one thing to do today, and that is, to take Christ and live upon him.

Saint Paul found all that was worth having in a crucified Jesus.

Christ is not a winter sun, which only gives light; but he is like a spring sun; he deadens the man to a wintry state, warms and cultivates his heart, and makes the fruits spring forth.

This spiritual life is to deaden us to sensual life.

If you are crucified to the world, the world will crucify you; you must part with all that is good and great; when a man comes to Christ, though he were the wisest man living before, yet he is then thought the greatest fool; though he were a man that bore a very good character among his neighbours, and were looked upon as blameless in his life and conduct, yet when he is given to see that all his works are nothing worth, and enabled to cast them behind him as dung and dross, and would not give a straw for the best of them, the worst word in their mouths is too good for him.

Though it is very hard thus to deny ourselves, yet everything is possible to God, and so faith finds it; the same power that crucified you to the world, will crucify the world in you.

The more we are crucified to the life of sense, the more we are alive to the life of God; as one falls, the other will rise.

You are sinners, where do you look for pardon? You are dying sinners, where do you look for everlasting life and everlasting salvation? The answer would be, “To Christ Jesus.”

When Jesus rises upon the soul, all these vain things fade away: there are as many stars in the day as in the night, but the sun puts them all out.

The more you walk with Christ, the more peace you will have; the more you will see you have obtained mercy of God and that you are the Israel of God.

Believers have a life that death can never touch.

Adam was the root of generation, Christ is the root of regeneration; from Adam we derive sin and death, from Christ life and righteousness.

Though death looks dark to nature, yet faith will brighten the prospect.

“God be merciful to me a sinner — that is a prayer, which, when it comes from a broken heart, never fails entering the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.”

There is a holy art, and I would wish you to learn it, and that is, to take all your temporal mercies out of the hand of Christ.

All God’s mercies begin from the fountain-head, the mercy-seat, and flow on from everlasting to everlasting.

God has decreed, that a sinner shall find no happiness but at the mercy-seat.

Sometimes the purposes of God are a long time running underground before they break out.

Believers are the same every where; unbelievers are branched out into two kinds; one is seeking a false happiness, the other is seeking a false righteousness.

Our design is to beat people off every thing but Christ.

What we are to know, to believe, and to do — that is the law.

What the law demanded, Christ did for his people; what the law threatened, he suffered for them.

There is no man who has come to

Christ Jesus that hates the law; no, he loves whatever it commands.

You must be divorced from the law to be married to Christ.

We must go from covenant to covenant; from the covenant of works to the covenant of grace.

The more spiritual a man is, the more he will discover the workings of sin.

Why is sin left in you and me? — That we may lay up our hopes in Christ.

There is in man not only an ignorance of God, and the things of God, but a continual turning from him.

“Know thyself” — that is a great lesson, and never learnt, until the Holy Spirit teach it us.

Sprinkle the conscience afresh every day with the blood of Christ; this will not only deliver you from the guilt of sin, but it will also deliver you from the love of sin.

There is interchange between Christ and the believer; he takes their nature, they take his; he takes their sins, they take his righteousness; he takes their poverty, they take his riches; he takes their vileness and meanness, and they take his crown.

When the conscience is at peace with God, through the blood of the covenant, sin appears like the devil; the soul has got another and a sweeter lover.

Christ conquers all for us; he conquers all in us.

Do not depend upon him merely for your salvation, but for the most trivial things in life; for temporals as well as spirituals.

Believer, your God has given you his Christ and his promises, and in a day or two longer, he will give you his heaven and his glory.

Morality ever waits on Christ; it is one of his train.

There is nothing goes before Christ; he must introduce all the graces.

When things come to the worst, then it is God generally interposes.

When I hear a person who has broken the laws of the land railed at, and hear people cry out, “O, he is a vile wretch; he deserves his sentence”; for my part I can’t throw a stone at him, but see that if God were to leave me to myself, I should commit as foul crimes, and a thousand times worse.

This is the greatest sin of all, that we will not take the remedy God holds forth.

Diffidence should be banished when we approach the throne of grace; our Lord did not teach us to pray with any doubt on our minds; but he says, Go ye, and pray, “Our Father, which art in heaven.”

We should not judge of our state, as we are in ourselves.

The Father is inaccessible but through Christ.

The spirit is to the soul what breath is to the body; the body without breath is dead; so the soul without the Spirit of God is dead to God.

In daily conversation with poor sinners, who are writing bitter things against themselves, I send them to the word of God and the work of Christ.

We are apt when we look at troubles to be terrified; but we do not know how big they are with blessings.

There never could have been a way to the Father, if Christ Jesus had not taken flesh and become the way.

A Christless man has no way to go to heaven; and there is no way for blessings to come from heaven to him.

Christ is the ladder, and believers get up step by step, until they get into glory.

God will never leave the believer until he has accomplished what he has promised concerning him; and God will never leave the sinner, until he has accomplished what he has threatened concerning him.

In trusting the word of God, you shall have daily experience, that what God has said is true.

Do you wait on God, for fulfilling his promise, in his own time and way? There is the proper work of faith.

You will find every day you live, that the more you trust God, the more reason you will have to bless and praise him.

The believer puts all his concerns, his family, his friends, and his business, into the hands of his heavenly Father, to receive them back again, with covenant blessings on them.

The man who makes most use of Christ, will be most thankful.

The happiness of man consists in communion with God.

It is the design of the gospel to renew communion with God from which man fell.

The devil has but one temptation to the natural world, namely, trying all he can to keep them from Christ; and but one to the spiritual world, which is trying all he can to keep them from looking to Christ, and living simply on him.

Man, by nature, is as absolutely lost, as any now in hell; but, standing in Christ, he is as absolutely saved as any now in heaven.

Whatever is to the believer’s good and to God’s glory, Christ is more ready to give than the believer to ask it.

There is none can pay your debts but Christ; there is none can justify your persons but Christ; there is none can sanctify your souls but Christ; and there is none can give you heaven but Christ.

The self-righteous are spinning a web of righteousness out of their own bowels, which will prove a spider’s web at the end.

Give Christ your heart and hand every day anew.

Death will not break the bond which unites you to Christ — he does all others.

To be subject to Christ is no bondage — nay there is no other liberty.

What do we go to the Lord’s table for, but to acknowledge that we cannot live without meat and drink, and that Jesus Christ is the meat and drink of our souls?

All is shadow — Jesus Christ is the only substance.

The presence of God is the life and soul of ordinances.

When God puts faith into the fire, it is not to consume it, but to prove it and to try it.

We go from strength to strength: Abraham’s ten trials were greater and greater; if God gives much grace, he shall have much glory for it.

God gives his people distresses, that he may show them what comforts he has to support them with.

Faith is the mother of grace.

How is your faith in God’s promises, in trials, troubles, and tribulations? Any body can pilot the ship in a calm: but the sailor and pilot are proved in a storm; the soldier in the fight; the physician in the time of sickness; and the believer in the time of trouble.

He that gave faith must keep it, and he who gave it will try it.

A cross is your portion, if a crown be your reward.

Where Christ is, no cross can hurt; but improvement and blessedness cleave to the cross, where the person under the cross cleaves to the Lord.

Generally when there is something outward very distressing, or something inward very trying, God affords his comforts to his people; they then want them most.

The good bee goes abroad for honey; and the good believer goes to Christ for what he wants.

The Christian is not a bird that sings merely in spring, when all other birds can; but he can sing in the winter too; he can sing all the year round.

Oh, what of all our sufferings, when the glory to be revealed is put into the opposite scale.

The curse must be taken off your person before it can be taken off your joys.

It is the very spirit of a true Christian, when man is stripped of self, and wants to exalt Jesus!

The true believer casts all his duties, graces, and gifts, behind his back.

The believer is united to Christ Jesus, as vitally as the soul is to the body.

The more a believer grows out of himself, he grows into Christ; the more he hates himself, he loves Christ; and the more he distrusts himself, he trusts Christ; as one scale rises the other falls.

Nothing but Christ and his righteousness can enrich us before God.

When you want any good, are your eyes to Christ Jesus?

The more the believer lives on Christ, the more his God is glorified.

Fallen creatures, miserable creatures, helpless creatures, and yet proud!

“No,” say you, “I do not want to go to hell” — but you go the way to it; you reject Christ.

Is it your prayer every day, “Lord, keep down self, and exalt Christ today more than ever?”

The real Christian hides all his graces under a cover; he throws a veil over them, and but rarely reveals them; and when he does, he prays that God would keep him humble, and that it may be to his glory.

The gospel does not say a hard word to any one coming to Christ; but it speaks encouragement on encouragement to such.

I can see that Christ never took away an outward blessing, but he gave a spiritual one instead of it.

Christ is everything that can give you a moment’s happiness, and save you from everlasting pain.

God generally puts faith to the trial, in a way very disagreeable to the flesh and blood.

The love of Christ is the most constraining obligation in the world; oh, what cannot it influence a man to do!

If Christ had left anything for us to do, even to the moving of a hand, we should be lost for ever.

The believer goes every day to his Commander for orders, with “Lord, make me a good soldier today.”

If you have come to Christ, I am sure your heart hates sin.

There is no way to get the conscience at peace, there is no way to get the heart sanctified, there is no way to get over the least sin, but as we go to Jesus.

When sin separated from God, it left the soul as dead as a stone.

The law of God consists of two parts; first, of precept enjoined; secondly, of penalties threatened; it is his revealed will, requiring what you and I ought to do, and, not doing it, what we ought to suffer; now the believer flies to Christ to answer the penalties of the law for him, and to enable him to fulfil the precepts of the law.

You have nothing to look at and fear, while you are living by faith on the Son of God.

In the work of creation, and in the work of the new creation, there is no motion until the Spirit of God moves; if you cannot find this in your own heart, or in the world, it is worth observing, how this truth runs through the Bible.

The sinner casting himself on the mercy of God in Christ Jesus, is as safe as any now in heaven.

The greatest act of obedience is to take Christ Jesus.

We have a natural life from Adam, and a spiritual life from Christ, both in the same man; and the old man will strive; he creeps into all our prayers, and into all our praises, into all our duties, and into all we say and do: I am sure I have found enough of it since I came into church to damn all the world, but yet the Spirit is almighty to keep down the flesh.

I carry about with me a burden intolerable, which I could not support, did not He who sustains heaven and earth uphold me.

Christ is the “resurrection and the life” of every believer.

Christ, by his Spirit, is crucifying us daily to this body of sin, that we may be the readier to part with it.

Eternal life in heaven is not something distinct from Christ.

If you are not living dependent on Christ Jesus, there is not a sin into which any one can fall, but the greatest saint among you may fall into.

Whatever Christ has commanded his people to do, he has promised them grace to enable them to do.

The more the gospel is believed, the more God appears lovely and sin hateful.

You will never love God until you see him in Christ reconciled to you.

Go to Christ, and you will never come empty-handed away.

Strong faith makes the believer exclaim, “Oh, what marvellous grace; I feel it warm my heart — here I am, take me, Jesus, as I am, and do what thou wilt with me.”

Love to Christ will crucify the body of sin.

“All that God bestows on me,” says the believer, “is bestowed freely; it is freely given to the unworthy, and most freely continued to the unthankful.”

“Whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God” — and as far as love works, you will be able to seek it, and as far as grace works, you will be able to do it.

Are you constant receivers out of Christ? Are you continually receiving fresh succour and fresh supplies out of his fullness?

What makes one Christian greater than another? Why, because he is humbled more in his own eyes, and strives to glorify his God more; and so he has more grace, for He giveth more grace to the lowly.

Whatever God can possibly require, whatever man can possibly want, is in Christ.

Christ became one of us, that we might become one with God.

The more faith in God, the more love to him; and the more you love God, the more you will desire to be like him.

God is love itself in Christ Jesus; his very essence in Christ is love.

Notwithstanding God has his rod in his hand chastising the believer, there is nothing but the tenderest mercy and the most infinite love in his heart towards him.

God has but one end in all his dealings with his people, that is, to make them trust him more, and love him better.

It is the believer’s duty to rejoice in the Lord always, as much as it is to keep the ten commandments.

Suppose the law of God put into one scale, and my obedience into the other; if my obedience weighs even with the law, I am a righteous man — now that is the scripture idea of righteousness.

Believers are grafted on Christ; and as they depend on the stock on which they are grafted, they become fruitful branches.

I would never take up the Bible without a short ejaculation.

The believer attends ordinances, that he may know more of Christ, receive more from him, and depend more upon him.

That is a Christian, who can get something for prayer and praise out of everything.

Oh, may we each day hunger and thirst more after dependence on and devotedness to Jesus!

We by nature do not know God, we by nature do not trust God, we by nature do not fear God, we by nature do not love God, and we by nature do not serve God.

There cannot be a greater miracle, nor a greater exertion of Almighty power, than in the salvation of a sinner.

Regeneration is a new creation.

Our life here is a warfare, and the great enemy is self.

My hand cut off from my body, what can it do? And a sinner out of Christ what can he do?

The believer is made sensible that he is a wretched ruined sinner, and so he lives upon grace every moment.

Do you grow in grace? then you will think less and less of yourself.

What hast thou that thou didst not receive? And if you are but a receiver, what have you to boast of, but the bounty of the bestower?

What makes Christ more precious to the believer today then he was yesterday? Why because he sees ho wants him more.

People are continually complaining to me of something in themselves; why every thing you find in yourself should send you to Christ.

When you are not discouraged, but encouraged to come to Christ, that is the end of corruptions.

When you make Christ your one hope, then you will be happy.

When the spiritual life is begun, it is a life like its Author, it never ends.

Every thing to make you like Christ, is to be had from him.

The outward world is a copy of the inward world; and what is done in nature is an illustration of what is done in grace.

“My life and all I have from Adam, is subject to death; I want a life that death cannot touch” — there it is in Christ.

Christ Jesus turns all things into blessings; he turns temporal blessings into spiritual blessings: and temporal trials into blessings too.

Oh, he is the Lord of life, in the hour of death!

He will turn death itself into life, and turn that hell, which you and I have so justly deserved, into glory inconceivable.

You cannot make too much use of Christ.

Look at temporals with a spiritual eye.

After the saints have enjoyed the mansion of bliss for millions of years, it will be but one drop from the immense ocean of the love of God.

The word of God is not preached to be heard merely, but preached also to be believed.

Doubts and fears come from nothing but suspecting the truth of the promise of the Father.

Grace is almighty.

“What am I to look at, that my life may be holy, my heart happy, and my conscience at peace?” At the fullness of Him in whom all fullness dwells.

All we want to get — pardon for our sins and peace for our conscience, is in the obedience unto death of Christ Jesus.

God gave his Son — for what? That the believer should not perish for his sins, but that he should have everlasting life for Christ’s righteousness.

Faith is only the hand to take out of Christ’s fullness whatever we want.

Faith in Christ’s righteousness is a cordial indeed in a dying hour.

We want the same as St. Paul did; and there, is, blessed be God; the same abundant fullness now, as then, to supply our wants.

A poor man who lives by faith, both for the bread which perisheth and that which endureth unto eternal life, is a thousand times happier even than the man that is riding to heaven in his coach-and-six.

“What I have I bless God for, and what I have not I thank God I do not want.” God would rather make the stones bread, than such an one should perish.

You may think that I know a great deal of Christ; I hope I do know a little; but really see myself but a little child; I am but learning my a b c, and there is so much in the gospel, that I find I have but just begun my lesson.

The love of God to his people is from everlasting to everlasting, taking in all the blessings of time and eternity.

There is not anything God has promised in the Bible, but it is all yours in Christ.

Seek the growth of faith, and seek it in God’s way; pray over the Scriptures, hear them, read them, meditate on them.

The children of Israel were a striking picture of human nature; they had daily miracles, and yet were not converted.

There is no sin like unbelief; all the poison of all the sins in the world are in it.

A sting from the natural serpent kills the body; a sting from the spiritual serpent kills the soul; looking to the brazen serpent cured the body, looking to Jesus cures the soul.

Man, by nature, is a mass of sin and corruption.

The very hidings of God’s countenance are for his people’s good.

We have communion with the Father through the Son; through whom we come nearer to God than the angels possibly can.

Take Jesus, and all the blessings of life and glory are yours forever.

“Trusting to the blood of Jesus,” says the believer, “I am satisfied I shall never perish; trusting to the righteousness of Jesus, I am satisfied I shall have everlasting life.”

Christ Jesus governs the believer’s trade and concerns a thousand times better than all the wit, and prudence, and wisdom of man.

God gives all he gives out of sovereign love.

Every gift thy people have, every grace they receive, and the blessings on their labour, is all from thy bounty.

He is a wise pastor that brings out of his treasures things new and old; things out of the Old Testament, and things out of the New Testament, and Christ out of both.

There is something substantial in the gospel; as substantial as the meat you eat for the body,

The believer lives on Christ for his friends, for his substance, for his happiness, for his all; so that Christ is to him what every thing else is.

“I’ll keep my sin, and I’ll be bound over to death, and be bound over to hell.” One would think no man in his senses would talk so; but yet that is the language of sinners.

It is not the will of God to give us more troubles than will bring us to live by faith simply on him; he loves us too well to give us a moment of uneasiness.

It is not hearing, but a dependence on Jesus in hearing, that brings the blessing.

If you have faith, you will want more and more the power of God to strengthen it.

Christ is a storehouse of all graces and blessings.

Come to Christ and lay hold on him, and you need not fear his knocking your hands off.

If you have faith, God will put it upon trial, that you and those about you may see that it is sterling faith.

You cannot possibly be drowned when Christ is your pilot.

We are by nature in such a state, that we will neither ask Christ’s help, nor take his help.

The reason why Christians walk in darkness, and stumble, and fall, is because they do not abide by what God by his Spirit says in his word.

The reason why our faith is at so low an ebb, is, because we do not use it in every thing we do.

By a constant disuse of faith, we set spiritual things at a distance, so that we rather look at them than enjoy them.

But if you want to know what God has done before time, you should look at what he has done in time, and make your election sure by your calling.

The reason why our graces are not so bright, is, because we are not constantly using them; that is the reason they grow so rusty.

Every fresh discovery you have of Christ will whet your love to him, and the more sights you have of him, the more you will see of the vanity of the things of time and sense, and the more you will see that they are not to be compared to the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Christ enlightens, enlivens, strengthens, sanctifies; and that is the way he brings his people to heaven.

Come to the word, and that will bear the same evidence to you always — God and his word are ever the same.

The more spiritual a man grows, the more he will make Christ his one hope.

All the believer’s troubles and trials preach to him, and say, “None can do you good but Christ”; temptations say, “You have temptations, go to Christ to get them conquered”; troubles say, “You have troubles, go to Christ, and he will turn them into blessings.”

The believer says, “I have but one hope, and that is, to have more fellowship with Christ Jesus by his Spirit, and that I may know more that his Father is my Father.”

Gratitude to a covenant God, makes even a temporal blessing taste of heaven.

Christ Jesus is not like a winter’s sun that brings us only light, but he is like the spring sun, he enlivens as well as enlightens.

It is a poor sermon that does not lead the sinner to Christ, and the believer to live more on him.

“I am,” says the believer, “a mystery of godliness.”

Our Saviour says, that the Holy Spirit “shall bring all things to your remembrance”; you may remember them as rational creatures, but you cannot remember them practically without the Spirit.

The best of us find, that when our hearts are at the highest pitch, when at the top of the mount, they are even then but as warm water, soon cool again; and therefore we should go to Jesus, not only to warm our hearts, but to keep them warm.

It must be supernatural force to keep your hearts and mine within the vail; it requires no power short of the power of God.

That person among you who lives most on Christ is most prepared to meet death whenever it comes.

There is in Christ that which will make you more happy than your heart can wish.

“I am the Lord your God”; as soon as you know that, you will love the ten commandments — not before.

The legalist’s obedience is that he may be saved, but the believer’s is because he is saved.

The principal thing believers have to do, is to enjoy Christ.

You and I are not merely to look at Christ and admire him, but to take him and enjoy him.

I would not speak a word against comforts; they are very well when they are founded on God’s word; and when they are not, they are nothing but enthusiasm.

O sirs, whatever you do, take care you do not rest on anything but God’s word, and that will bring in true comforts, solid comforts, holy comforts, lasting comforts, everlasting comforts.

The word of God is the nurse of faith.

The more you know of Christ the more you will love him, and the more you will loathe yourselves.

Complain of your weakness, but do not let your weakness make you forbear leaning on Jesus; if you do, you will fall.

Trust Christ much, and you will have much to praise him for.

Christ was a Surety, that whatever man lost he might recover.

Christ has done the work of salvation freely, fully, and eternally.

There is not one thing fearful and dreadful, but it is hanging over your head, if you have not come to Christ.

Christ has the same love in his heart now, as he had when he was nailed to the cross; he has not changed his heart; though he has changed his state, and changed his place, yet his heart is still the same.

The greatest honour you can do Christ this side the grave, is to trust more to his love, and go daily to him that you may trust him more still, and commit every concern of yours into his loving hands and tender care.

There is no one will ever overcome a sin but by this method; to see that the Lamb of God has taken away the guilt of the sin, and then to look at his almighty arm to subdue and crucify it.

The believer is studying every day to be more dead to what his dear Saviour hates, and more alive to what his dear Saviour loves.

No, no, a Socinian’s Christ will not do for a convinced sinner.

It is by faith all the blessings of Christ’s suretyship come — the Lord increase that blessed grace in our hearts — and remember the Lord increases it by means; by hearing, reading, meditating on, and praying over his word.

Sin took away our righteousness, and made us sinners; sin took away life, and brought in death; sin took away the blessing of God, and brought upon us the curse of God.

Christ as our Surety, put away sin from before God, as if it had never been.

The debt was demanded — Christ paid it; satisfaction was demanded — Christ made it.

Righteousness, holiness, perseverance, victory over sin, death, and hell, and life eternal; all these are the blessings freely held forth to poor sinners in Christ.

Christ delivers from sin, death, and hell, and entitles to righteousness, life, and glory.

Take Christ, and make him your paradise on earth.

If your sins and miseries preach aright, they will always lead you upwards.

“I want not only the truth of grace, but the growth of grace, and I come daily to the fullness of Christ for it”; if that is your language, it is one of the best marks of your being born again that you can give.

Spiritual life, spiritual comfort, spiritual victory, are the effect of the faith that rests on the word of God, that trusts God’s testimony respecting his Son: placed anywhere else it is a bubble breaking every moment, and nothing but enthusiasm and madness comes from the delusion.

I will answer for it, the longer you read the Bible, the more you will like it; it will grow sweeter and sweeter; and the more you will get into the Spirit of Christ.

I have read the Bible forty years, and am but an A-B-C scholar yet; it is as fresh as ever.

The more you read the Bible, study it, and pray over it, the more you will “take heed to it, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place.”

If a man take the Bible and shut Christ out of it, it is a dark book — it is Egyptian darkness indeed.

“Ah!” says the believer, “my mind was dark, and I was walking on, and should have walked into hell, if this light had not shone on it.”

Oh, it is a great lesson to be made teachable and to be kept teachable.

Remember this, there is darkness in part on your minds until you get into heaven.

There is but one testimony throughout the Bible.

Whenever we take the Bible up, or hear it read, we should be as little children.

There is not a word in the Bible but is truly divine, and therefore demands the greatest attention and the greatest respect from you and me.

The word of God in the hand of the Spirit, is the means of enlightening and enlivening sinners.

There is nothing but darkness and deadness without Christ.

The devil has a thousand baubles and toys to keep sinners from Christ, and that is his one end and aim.

The heart of man is the filthiest place, excepting hell, that can be.

The Lord the Spirit communicates the graces by the word.