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Editor’s Preface

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The ensuing pages encapsulate a wonderful devotional from the pen of Dr. Octavius Winslow. Originally published in 1872, Thus Saith the Lord is an endeavor to daily remind the reader of God’s love, which is sealed and secured in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The following edition has been newly and meticulously reproduced from the original work published by John F. Shaw & Company. The only additions to the text are Scripture references, which have been affixed to the ends of sentences for the reader’s benefit. Otherwise, no words have been added or omitted. Likewise, the endnotes have been diligently revised, now displaying proper citations. Those notes marked “Editor” reflect the author’s original external references which have been investigated, examined, and detailed for the reader’s advantage and convenience. Minor punctuation and spelling updates have been made.

May you be encouraged by the words that follow and reminded that the love of God “surpasses all knowledge.”

Chapter 1: In Lowliness of Birth