Preface to the 1819 Edition

The Editor (1819) of this work hopes he is acting for the glory of Jehovah, Father, Son, and Spirit, in presenting these remarks to the notice of the church of the living God. He has felt their sweetness, and is desirous that others may feed on what has strengthened him. Few men have said so much in a little as Mr. Romaine; and the Editor hath gathered “up the fragments that nothing might be lost.” Art thou sensible, reader, that thou are a Law-breaker? This work informs thee of “Jesus the Law-fullfiller.” Art thou unholy and mournest over it? This work points to a righteous Christ — a holy Christ. Whatever the believer needs for acceptance, it is in the Beloved, and the glory of it is, it is free — free for needy, perishing sinners.

Thou art here pointed to a banquet that the Father hath provided — here are the choicest viands — soul-satisfying food — but it is not distinct from Christ, it is all in Christ. “His flesh is meat indeed, his blood is drink indeed.” The Holy Spirit gives the appetite, and brings the food — whilst he sweetly whispers to the guest, “Eat, O friends, drink, yea drink abundantly, O beloved.” The more the believer is enabled to feed on this food, the more hateful will sin appear; the more will he long for that hour when he shall be freed from it — when he shall see Jesus, and be like him. Oh, what a heaven will heaven be — likeness to the Lamb — and a vision of him forever.

William Milford
Calne, April 1819