Preface to the 1846 Edition

The salvation which the gospel makes known to us, puts us in the position of mere receivers. It refuses to deal with us on any other footing but this. As doers or deservers, it will give us nothing. As mere receivers, it bestows everything. Unbelief is just our refusing to be receivers of the blessing; and faith is just consenting to be so. How simple and yet how precious the salvation of Christ! It finds us empty, and it offers to fill us! If we will but consent to be filled!

This fullness of blessing is in Christ. And it is free to us as sinners, for it is treasured up there for sinners. And it is out of that fullness that we receive grace for grace.

In this little work, the reader will find Christ’s fullness spread out before him. He will learn that while in ourselves we have nothing, in Him there is abundance. I need not recommend Mr. Romaine, or his works. They are too well known to require this. May this treatise circulate still wider, and be yet more abundantly blessed.

Horatius Bonar
Kelso, March 1846